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"We wanted to create an environment that was similar and yet completely different than any other. TASQ blends a mixture of motivation and mental health to challenge readers to progress in all aspects."
Modern Therapist
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  • Our mission is to inspire as many people as possible and help them to improve their own lives. 
  • We want to get better and we would like you to join us.
  • Our goal is to continuously improve our website by listening to you.
  • As it pertains to our readers and contributors, we are open to articles that share rich, thoughtful, and expansive information that others can use to improve their lives. 

What We Write About

Welcome to TASQ, a loyal destination for those that wish to challenge their minds and personal growth. 

No matter the subject, we address our readers’ interests, concerns, and curiosities.

We are in a dynamic conversation with whoever is willing about topics related to motivation, success, personal development, self-esteem, happiness, mental health, and more.

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Editorial Contributions

Articles are submitted without cost and must be approved first. Like many platforms, we accept many contributions to TASQ Motivation as we can all learn from another.

Every contributing article will be reviewed and must meet a minimum requirement before it is published. This is to protect our readers and community.

If for some reason your contribution doesn’t meet our guidelines, we will provide feedback on what to modify in order to get you published.

All writers, new and experienced, are welcome.


If you’d like to learn more about submitting to TASQ, please review our guidelines page and contact us.



What is TASQ?

TASQ, pronounced as T-A-S-K, was created with one question in mind: are you up to the task? 

What task? The challenge to get better every single day. To improve and get out of your comfort zone.

What can I find on the site?

We’re an online catalog and article community, with a collection of writers hoping to motivate our peers as we do each other.

Founded in 2020, our mission is to empower many to strive to becoming the best version of themselves as they see it.

How can I contribute to TASQ?

You can submit to TASQ through our general contact form below.

Alternatively, you can submit directly to

Are you hiring?

While we wait to add full-time writers to our team, you can be hired freelance in the interim per article that you wish to submit.

John Doe

Add TASQ to your weekly read. Message to submit an article. We should all seek to improve, are you up to the TASQ (task)? Jay, editor-in-chief